Sonntag, 6. März 2011

And now to you, Khamenei

While Qadhafi is battling the opposition with military forces, the Saudi Kingdom tries its luck with a pre-emptive payout of some 36$ billion to buy itself some time and Salih in Yemen is trying to deal with protests by making a concession each and every day, the Iranian regime thought it appropriate to come up with preventive action itself and took opposition figures Mir Hussein Mussawi and Mehdi Karroubi hostage in what it calls an “arrest”. They also took their wives and this episode comes on top of newspapers close to the regime calling for sentencing the opposition leaders to death for their disrespect of the state and its system.

I mention it because I've only recently attended a conference at which it was lectured that while Iran is some sort of a democracy, at least a state with “democratic elements”, Iraq clearly is not. I was flabbergasted and readers of my blog know that I consider Iraq being a democracy with some serious problems, whereas I've pointed out time and again that Iran clearly is an authoritarian dictatorship. The June 2009 “elections” clearly removed any doubt that even the democratic elements have been removed.

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