Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

A Night Without Winners

Midterms went exactly as predicted, so no need to expand on my relief that neither Sharon Angle nor Christine O'Donnell made it to the Senate (though I might add that the margin of O'Donnells defeat merits a closer analysis for all of those people who belief the Tea Party might have a major impact on what is happening in 2012). On the Tea Party let me add this: Now that Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have made it onto the Senate Floor we'll finally be able to witness the flaws and predetermined breaking points in the coming apart of that particular movement. I am just saying Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have as much in common as Bernie Sanders and Lindsay Graham (and though I realise its not going to be the most earth-shattering discovery in the first place, but calling Marco Rubio a Tea Party candidate is a bit of a strech in the first place. After all he has been Speaker of the Florida House long before the Tea Party first saw the light of day - and may I ask this, remember the first Tea Party candidate to enter the Senate? Scott Brown, whos just been accused by Sarah Palin of having turned into a RINO). And now that the Tea Party is supposed to deliver on its promises, we'll also see that it cannot confine and contain the state quite the way its proponents would have liked us to believe.

The biggest bullshit comment on the elections therefore was offered today by the Financial Times that argued that Obama's 2012 election prospects were looking dim. To the contrary, I might add, it just got a whole lot easier. From now on, Boehner as the new speaker will have to bring a party together that is more diverse than ever, with absolutely no coherent line on foreign policy and no idea on where to cut spending. And speaking on foreign policy: More Republicans in both chambers will make it a lot easier for Obama to turn to foreign policy and get what he wants and/or needs on Afghanistan. The first challenge should be to find a new SecDef, who is likeable and Republican. I've got five dollars that say its going to be Condoleezza Rice, in case any of you should be interested in getting me a glass of Johnie Walker Black.

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