Freitag, 6. August 2010

The S 300-Story

This story somehow did not make big news, though it certainly should have. One of the most debated issues when it came to the latest round of sanctions against Iran was the planned sale of the S-300 air defence missile system to Teheran, a particularly thorny issue. It took a while to win the potential seller over: Moscow. Moscow was planning to go forward on the sale but ultimately withdrew. The general feeling of course was that the sale would ultimately boost Iran's ability to defend itself against a still possible airstrike on its nuclear installations. Now it looks like Belarus did sale the system to Iran in which would certainly be bad news. The general problem being that states like North Korea, Belarus, Burma are generally likely to sale such systems despite UN sanctions. This is a new development to a certain extent, since during the Cold War era only the major powers were capable of producing sophisticated weapons systems, and the Soviet Union had control over the potential sale to third parties. Now minor powers like North Korea, Burma, Belarus can copy some of the systems and make a small profit on them. But there has not been major research on this, let alone political action. But this isn't an isolated issue, we might face it somewhere else in the future, I am just saying.

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