Dienstag, 17. August 2010

The Afghanistan Drop

To the gentle reader of this blog it will come as no surprise that I am an ardent supporter of promoting democracy everywhere and that that would have to include Iraq (somewhat successful) and Afghanistan (not quite, but then again it wasn't my idea to allow the rather apparent vote rigging in last year's presidential election). On saturday I've argued in the German weekly die ZEIT that the debate over the war in Afghanistan in Germany is characterised by some myths that needed debunking and, altruistic as I am, I  attempted to do just that. I've since received many emails and comments. Don't worry, I spare you the details of exactly how I am supposed to be "in" on an international conspiracy to subjugate the Middle East to neo-imperial U.S. rule. (Though I'd like to point out that as a historian I've to work with actual evidence, i.e. documents, and not with crazy conspiracy theories in which any document indicating otherwise is simply dismissed as being part of the cover-up. I am just saying). Anyway a good friend of mine directed me to the following website offering some help in the cause. So for the lighter side of the debate pay a visit to the pneumatic parliament.

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