Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010

Goodluck in Nigeria

Nigerian politics have always been difficult to read, the country's political balance is challenging and with a religious conflict in the North and various smaller secessionist movements the future of Nigeria seems to be in a constant limbo. The recent struggle to give the country an effective government headed by Jonathan Goodluck was just another indicator for the eternal Nigerian chaos. At least initially. Goodluck has meanwhile imposed some steps that taken together amount to an impressive reform agenda and he is not turning a blind eye to the conflict in the Niger Delta (the country's most entrenched conflict) and is putting pressure on the oil firms working in the Niger Delta, as New Africa Analysis has learnt:

Under the new legal framework, an entity called the Nigerian Content Monitoring Board will be established and will oversee the supervision, coordination, implementation and monitoring of industry policies and practices. All multinational oil companies will be required to set up local offices in the areas they operate in, offices which will be responsible for management and decision making in the relevant areas. The awarding of licences for new exploration and business would also be geared to give initial consideration to local independent companies and service providers.

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