Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

And Now: The Fallout

Well McChrystal is out and that's probably a good thing. Meanwhile, John Hudson at the Atlantic is afraid that the second casualty of the Rolling Stone-article is the access of the press to the military in Afghanistan. He is probably right in suggesting that the military will be more cautious with whom it is giving access and to what extent. But the suggestion that this is something bad does not at all convince me. First, the journalist's job is not supposed to be easy - there is a reason they call it investigative journalism in the first place. Second, lets not forget, there is a reason the military lets journalists in - to get their side of the story across. Shutting journalists out will have an even more damaging impact than the Rolling Stone-article. So don't you worry.

Meanwhile I've taken the time to watch Obama's announcement again and I have to say, I like him when he is angry. He looks more determined, certain and straigtforward and he surely is. I have to say, I am afraid, that I do not garner much hope to see him so much on the offensive in the future. But its the first time he looked really presidentual to me. Though: I still would have fired McChrystal for cause.

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