Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

A Word on the Somalia-story

In past couple of days a story has been making news in German security circles. A self-proclaimed president of Somalia, Dr. Darman, siad that he would return to Somalia with up to a hundred German mercenaries provided by a German Private Security Company called ASGAARD. I was interviewed (here) and later accused of not having made a balanced statement on the matter in the news. So I clarified in a blogpost: Darman is not an important player in Somali politics and that I doubted he and the PMC would make it to Somalia. I did not mention the weapons embargo in this particular interview, only later that day in a different outlet. I did not intend nor did I start a blamegame. I don't think that tagesschau quoted me inaccurately, quite to the contrary, in their first piece on the issue they quite accurately said that I did not believe that Darman was by any means an important player. So here is a claryfing word on the spinning of the story that evolved quite a bit in recent days. I was quoted correctly and accurately but selectively. I was and am fine with that for I don't get to decide what is news and what is not, nor do I get to critise those who do news. I am fan of the German broadcast "Streitkräfte und Strategien" and I am convinced that they are doing a pretty good job. Somalia seldomly makes it to the news anyway and I am happy that the story shed some light on what is happening in that devastated country in the Horn of Africa.

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