Montag, 24. Mai 2010

The Swap - Iranian Style

The French would have loved for this story to remain secret. For months, Iranian authorities held a French citizen, Clotilde Reiss, hostage. Upon her release and eventual return to France both governments maintained that there was no backroom-deal made to secure her release. So, in a mere coincidence, I suppose, the French released Ali Vakili Rad, who was imprisoned for assassinating the shah's last prime minister in his Paris residence in 1991. Ali Vakili Rad returned to Iran, where he was being welcomed as a national hero. But dare I say, that taking free citizens hostage on some bogus charge to ensure a prisoner swap reminds me a lot of the sort of blackmail we have witnessed previously by non-state actors, such as the Columbian FARC, or Hezbollah for that matter. There should be an international law against that.

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