Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

The GOP in disarray?

Interestingly enough it does look like President Obama has successfully hit the reset button on his presidency. Though I would like caution hopes and expectations, his foreign policy is still a mess and there is a lot more on his plate domestically - one should perhaps remind people that unemployment still hovers around 10%. But it does look like he now enjoys a headstart on his Republican opponents: He has made a couple of recess appointments and has flown to Afghanistan, showing that while the Republicans are still whining over health-care he is getting things done. But what is more, the GOP has problems too: There still is a leadership crisis in the GOP, on public display after a recent scandal involving the two most important ingrediants: sex and money. And Michael Steel has not exactly materialised as the biggest talent in Republican politics since Ronald Reagan. Bottom-line: Midterms this year are going to be fascinating.

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