Donnerstag, 18. März 2010

What the Goldstone Report didn't Report

I had a bad feeling when the Goldstone Report was released. In fact, the Goldstone Report laid the responsibility of war crimes committed during the 2008 Gaza war solely on Israel. I always thought it a major flaw not to take the kind of warfare conducted by Hamas into account, namely that Hamas shelled Israel cities for years - clearly an act of war and war crime at the same time - and has been hiding its fighters among civilians in order to increase the number of collateral damages. Again a major war crime. The Goldstone Report did not take these factors into account: It flatly ignored any causal explanations of how the situation escalated into a war and, more importantly, applied international law selectively on only one conflict party. I am therefore glad to see that the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre tries to set the record straight.

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