Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Saving McCain

The Tea Party Movement is gaining steam and so are Republicans on the right. It has been a concern for quite a while now that the GOP is moving further to the right and that moderate Republicans will find themselves increasingly in tough re-election battles. Florida governor Charlie Crist's run for a Senate seat has turned into an uphill battle, he is being challenged by a right-wing Tea Party-endorsed Republican. The latest news has Sentor John McCain facing a tough re-election battle, running against Congressman Hayworth, who accuses McCain of not being conservative enough. Tow consequences are certain: It will make governing a more daunting task for the Obama administration, should these right-wing candidates get through the primaries and into Congress. But it will also make it harder for Republicans to win back the White House: The GOP is drawing the wrong conclusions from Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts. Scott Brown is a moderate Republican and that enabled him to win in the first place. By moving further to the right, the Republicans are moving away from the independents, the fastest grwoing group in the US. And the Republicans are getting a wrong impression from the Tea Partys: though they are making news, they are hardly where the majority of Americans stand, moreover the movement is hypocritical at best: On the one hand they demand constitutional governance, on the other they openly reject the separation of church and state. On the one hand they go nuts when Sarah Palin arrives, on the other hand they endorse Ran Paul, whose foreign policy ideas are isolationist at best. In short: Let's hope reason prevails and McCain will be re-elected to the Senate.

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