Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

The Palin-Saga

Sarah Palin is a former vice-presidential candidate and former governor of Alaska and a former mayor of some forgotten place in Alaska. Would usual circumstances prevail that would be a nice way to spell not-important. But in Palin's case it is everything but. Not that we could explain why, but things are what they are. So we are left with Palin appearing somewhere, doing something clumsy and we got 24/7-coverage in the news, with virtually every newsanchor asking: "Why are we even talking about her?" If I may: Damm good question!

So she spoke at a tea-party convention having written important notes on her palm: "Energy, Taxes, Lift American Spirit." There is a good point to be made about the fact that if you really want to run for the White House, you should probably know that you want to lift the American spirit--and you can watch this point being made in a poor way right here:

But hey, thats just me and I don't have vote in this anyway. Actually its the media keeping the option of her running in 2012 on the table and it is frightening that someone who needs to remind herself of her very own basic principles and convictions could end up next to the nuclear launchcodes (and might out of "divine intervention" seek to blow the Russians from the earth to lift the American spirit and prevent them from coming to Wassila). But there is an upside in Palin being Palin: First it finally created an opportunity for White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to demonstrate that humor is something he has come across:

But more so, it brings Jack Cafferty and Wolf Blitzer from CNN together regularly. Cafferty is virutally the greatest cynic on CNN and Blitzer the most balanced anchorman who often ends up trying to bring a bit of balance to Cafferty's rather candid positions. What fun that really is.

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