Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

Don't ask, but do tell

Originally, I belonged to the critics of president Obama not only for failing to deliver a tough message to Iran but also because he was not moving on the military's "Don't ask, don't tell". Now that he has finally pledged to move on the issue, I was reading Jamie McIntyre's post on the Joint Chiefs reaction during Obama's state of the union. I still believe Obama is moving to late, but only for one simple reason: Ending don't ask, don't tell is not about ending a policy, its about ending hypocrisy.

I was reading Peter Feaver's article in the Foreign Policy earlier this morning and something came to my attention. When the administration announced that it would look for ways to get rid of don't ask, don't tell, the Senate hearings of Robert Gates and Joint Chief Admiral Mullen were prominently reported. But, I couldn't tell where NSA James Jones would wind up on the issue. Has he really disappeared, as Feaver asks?

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