Montag, 21. Dezember 2009

Its really an axis

Its been quite interesting news today. As a matter of fact shortly before christmas, international politics is quite fascinating, though not necessarily in a reassuring way.

The Wall Street Journal has it that police at Bangkok Airport discovered a weapons shipment to Iran coming from North Korea. The article raises some questions and can be found here:

One of the questions would be, what we are actually trying to achieve by talking to either North Korea or Iran? Despite all the tangible process in the six-party-talks with North Korea it does not exactly appear to me as if North Korea would obey to other rules in international relations. Let us take, for instance, not selling weapons to a country on which an arms embargo was imposed by the United Nations Security Council. Then again one might remember that there also is an arms embargo imposed on North Korea itself. That might force these two outcasts to buy and sell among themselves but that is not inteded by the UNSC resolutions. Some day, we are going to have to do something about actually enforcing arms embargos.

If one wonders what wonderful things these states do with weapons, one could turn to the many artillery systems being pointed at the capital of South Korea, or to Hamas, Hisbollah or any other Iranian supplied proxy organisation for terror and propaganda or simply look at another news story of today; this time coming from the New York Times.

It looks like Iran uses its weapons for a show of force in neighbouring Iraq. Its not only an occupation of an oil field, it is also, dare I say it, a cause for war. This incursion could be seen as an attack. Actually it is one, but we won't call it one, because, well, then we would have to go to war with Iran. We, meaning the Iraqis, which at some point in the equation will lead to us.

But it appears to me that we are going to have to draw a line in the sand. Actually there is one, the Iranians just crossed it, but nonetheless: There is only so much the world can accept before Ahmadinejad and the thugs in his regime believe they can get away with everything. A nucelar device for instance. Its time to get tough