Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

Leaving Without Quitting?

Sarah Palin really has a capactiy to amaze me. Under different circumstances I would consider that a big plus, but in her case the result has been a little different. It is an interesting notion anyhow to try to sell a resignation not as quitting but as a step forward but that is the smallest part. Using her facebook-account the accuses the media and Washington of "not getting" that all this "is about country", somehow implying that resigning before entering the lame-duck phase of a term is the most patriotic thing to do. And that questioning her decision would somehow be non-patriotic. There is, dear Governor Palin, a reason for a term lasting four years and the contraints of a lame-duck period in office might at times be difficult to overcome but are an essential part of a check and balances system. And questioning the decisions of an elected official is not about forgetting the country, but about putting the country first. Questioning decisions is an essential part of democracy, and being held accountable and at times to a higher standard is what the office brings with it. The media got it this time. Sarah Palin on the contrary displayed a questionable understanding of the American constitution.