Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

Eritrea: Making it to the Axis of Evil?

Eritrea has come a long way since it regained independence back in 1993, when it was welcomed to the international community (and to the UN for that matter) and its president Issais Afeworki was heralded as one of "Africa's new leaders". But as time passed, all these new leaders gave reason for concern at one point or another, be it Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda or Issais Afeworki. But whereas Uganda and Ethiopia managed to stay on good terms with the international community, irrespective of what happened at home, Eritrea has become a real headache for the leaders worldwide. Not only is it still in war mode for another round of hostilities with Ethiopia, it also allegedly meddles in Somali affairs, trying to keep Ethiopia bogged down on its southern border. But with the African Union and the United Nations trying to bolster the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia that stance is becoming an increasingly grave concern. Eritrea reportedly supports the Islamist al-Shabaab movement in Somalia with weapons and cash and al-Shabaab fights the Transitional Government, which is weak yet internationally recognised and protected by an African Union peace mission. So considering the years that passed since independence, one may well take a look at the record:

In 1993 Eritrea started off as a darling of the international development community, ever since it has managed to offend nearly the entire international community; it fought one of the most sensless wars in history with Ethiopia from 1998 to 2000 (with an estimated casulaty number somewhere between 80.000 and 100.000), supported the Islamic Courts Union in Somalia, called the United States its 'arch-enemy' and now supports the al-Shabaab, while the US is debating whether to add Eritrea to the state sponsors of terrorism. Most recent news: the African Union is calling on the United Nations Security Council to impose sanctions on Eritrea for its support of al-Shabaab. If the African Union calls for sanctions on a fellow African country, something must be horribly wrong in that country (lets remember the AU found it hard to condem Mugabe). Its about time for the great and proud people of Eritrea to get a leadership that they deserve, it certainly is not Afeworki.


Dan hat gesagt…

Idiot neocons like you love using Axis of evil, don't you ?

Aren't you the hypocrites that fund those countries like the contra affairs, and now the N. Korean scandal.

Stop pretending you care about Africans.

Anonym hat gesagt…

If you want to learn or write about Eritrea, try to get first-hand information first(hint: avoid sites like CIA "FACTBOOK" like a plague) or check for evidence on suspicious or ill-motivated allegations. Again, inquire, inquire, and inquire. Otherwise, you will simply be dumping waste to blogsphere like you just did.