Montag, 27. April 2009

The Decider. Obama's first one hundred days

Former US president George Bush often referred to himself as the "decider". This stance led him to invest his political capital only in projects he really believed in, which considerably contributed to the perception that he did not govern in a bipartisan manner, listened to his allies foreign and abroad and finally led to serious opposition both within and outside the US. One hundred days in office, and the Obama administration did make a jolly good start and delivered some sort of a change, a departure from the Bush-years. Obama's ability to seek the initative in various fields leads commentators to question whether his pace will pay off or is as reckless as it is self-destructive. But he certainly has gained the initative on nearly all fields, delivered on a couple of his promises and seems to treat each policy area with the same amount of attention, leaving much of the details up to Congress. Even more than his predecessor he has proven to be a decider. Indeed he moves so quickly that the GOP finds it hard to attack consistently on a single front, a hundred days in the opposition and it is still hard to identify, how the GOP wants to make a comeback, even harder than 99 days ago. But afterall that is a change in style rather than in content.

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