Sonntag, 24. August 2008

So its Biden, right?

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama finally chose Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate. Biden certainly is a good choice for all his foreign policy credentials. But the question remains whether this is the best pick he could have made and moreover whether it contradicts one of Obama's major themes: change. Well, it does. While Obama made it very clear that the wants to break with what he calls the old Washington he has invited a Senator to be his running mate, who represents the old Washington even more than John McCain does. Obama's entire foreign policy agenda is built on the promise of change and here in Europe people hope that they can expect a new and visionary foreign policy from a potential President Barack Obama. But this is a grave misperception: His VP-choice underlines what his foreign policy will look like: A return to the Clinton days, when foreign policy was trade-oriented and all but comprehensive or cohesive.

A better choice could have been made by picking a Washington-outsider, someone who is strong on the economy and foreign policy and whos foreign policy credentials cannot be doubted. That someone would have been Bill Richardson. Richardson was not choosen, but it doesn't need much imagination as to why he hasn't been: He represents the Hispanic vote. Two minorities on one ticket? It would have been difficult but it would have been something. Time for John McCain to make his choice, if he is as smart as I thing he is, its going to be Sarah Palin.

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