Sonntag, 31. August 2008

All Hail the Conquering Heroes

As it turns out, John McCain is as smart as I thought he is. It gives me the wonderful opportunity to mention that I said it all along. Well that would be an overstatement, I said it on August 24th. He choose Sarah Palin, Governour of Alaska, to be his running mate and nearly immediately speculations rose on what she would bring into this election and most commentators speculated on the question whether she would attract voters of Hillary Clinton. Well, I don't think she will, but she and the GOP don't need to worry, because this question misses the point: these Hillary-voters very simply might stay home on November 4th and not vote at all. Democrats had hope to carry some of the red states of the south, but with some women staying home, and a VP-candidate that has the unquestioned support of the christian right, these states will almost certainly remain in the red column. Most importantly, however, she incorporates change like no other and McCains choice is hence so much more straightforward than Obamas pick. John McCain wrapped it up last night.

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