Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2008

First we take Manhatten...

Barack Obama's speech in Berlin tonight was well recieved and in fact it was a sound, at times even a good speech. But it certainly was not a great speech. His speech was however a very good indicator of his flawed foreign policy.

In his speech he made references to Ronald Reagan ("Tear down this wall") and turned the Siegessäule into a symbol of peace. That at least might be a debatable stance, but what is important to note is that he showed himself sastisfied and at times even complacent with what has been achieved. There is every reason to be, but if your entire campaign is built around the promise of change this could prove to be problematic. And indeed it is; it is because Obama tonight failed to establish a vision of the future of the transatlantic alliance and the place Germans could occupy in it. That is hardly surprising, in his concepts of foreign policy he promised a return to the good old multilateral approach to international relations. That certainly would be a change, but in terms of back to square one. Would that be a change for the better?

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The Margin Wight hat gesagt…

We need to be careful about Obama. He is Kennedy Light. He has little experience and substance (at least that's my opinion). But the problem is not that he is a political lightweight, but that this country has nothing else to counterbalance him. It is anybody's guess whether McCain will do it. Neither candidate is acceptable. Thanks for your perspective on the speech tonight. MW